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Disclosure policy

In its publications and communication, Boreo complies with applicable EU legislation, Finnish legislation, the rules of NASDAQ Helsinki, and the regulations and guidelines of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. In addition, the company follows the Finnish Corporate Governance Code issued by the Securities Market Association.

Boreo’s Board of Directors has approved this disclosure policy, in line with which main principles the company communicates on issues that affect the share price to the company’s stakeholders and communicates with capital market participants. The objective of Boreo’s communications is to provide the capital market with timely, accurate, consistent, open, and up-to-date information that supports the correct price determination for the share and that is published simultaneously to all market participants. The company publishes its financial reports and other regulated information in Finnish and in English.

Boreo applies a 30-day silent period to its communication that begins 30 days prior to the publication of each interim report and financial statement release and ends on the day of publication. During this time, the Company’s representatives do not meet with capital market or media representatives or issue statements regarding the Company’s financial position, markets, or outlook, nor take a stand on questions related to the financial position or general views.

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