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The decentralized operating structure promoting culture of ownership and release of entrepreneurial energy is a core pillar of the firm’s business concept and sustainable earnings growth is ensured through the support and coaching of companies and the personnel.

Since January 2024, Boreo’s operations are organized into two business areas:


Technical Trade


Sales 2022: EUR 62 million
Personnel: 136
Markets: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, USA
Brands: Yleiselektroniikka, YE International, Noretron Komponentit, Milcon, Infradex, Signal Solutions Nordic, Delfin Technologies

Electronics business area consists of businesses that distribute and assemble professional electronic components. Its companies act as representatives of the world's leading principals in Northern Europe, Poland and the United States. The companies offer storage and logistics services, as well as technical sales services for principals and customers. The brands of the business area are Yleiselektroniikka, YE International, Noretron Komponentit, Milcon, Infradex, Signal Solutions Nordic and Delfin Technologies.


Yleiselektroniikka – outside Finland known as YE International – established in 1969 is a provider of industrial components for customers in Northern Europe. The company employs c. 260 persons. Key suppliers include RS Components, Hamamatsu, TDK Lambda, TE Connectivity and Fluke.​

Noretron Komponentit

Noretron Komponentit – established in 1995 - is an importer and wholesaler of AV accessories, equipment cases and electromechanical components. Key suppliers of the company are Nidec, Neutrik and Cordial. The company employs 6 persons.


Milcon - Milcon Oy specializes in military and other harsh environment products and systems. The company designs and manufactures harnessing and electrical solutions for demanding applications. Milcon employs 15 persons.


Infradex - established in 1987 is a leading importer of thermal cameras. Key suppliers include Flir Systems, Extech, Retrotec and CI Systems.

Signal Solutions Nordic

Signal Solutions Nordic represents the most innovative products and services from leading global manufacturing partners and service providers in the RF/ microwave, fiber optics, EMC/EMI and shielding technology sectors.

Delfin Technologies

Delfin Technologies - founded in 1998 - is a health technology company that develops, produces and markets scientifically validated and specialized, hand-held skin and edema measurement instruments. Besides clinical use, Delfin’s products are used in medical and dermatological research, as well as in R&D, safety and performance validation of self-care and cosmetics products. The products for clinical applications have been approved for clinical use in the US and in EU. The company is serving its customers through distributors in more than 40 countries in selected geographies, main markets being the US, China and Europe. Delfin employs 9 persons.

Technical trade

Sales 2022: EUR 100 million
Personnel: 205
Markets: Finland, Sweden, Estonia
Brands: Machinery, Muottikolmio, Pronius, J-Matic, Filterit, Tornokone, PM Nordic, HM Nordic, Floby Nya Bilverkstad, Lackmästarn, Etelä-Suomen Kuriiripalvelu, Vesterbacka Transport

Technical Trade business area consists of businesses involved in technical trade that represent wellknown principals in power, metal machines, construction and welding technique products and system solutions in Finland. The brands of the business area are Machinery, Muottikolmio, Pronius, J-Matic and Filterit.


Machinery - established in 1911 - is a Finnish technical wholesaler comprising of three Business Units: Power, Metal Machining and Construction Equipment. In addition to sales of new machines and equipment to its customers, Machinery provides its customers with after sales services including repair, maintenance and spare part sales. The company is headquartered in Vantaa, Finland and employs c. 75 people.​


Muottikolmio – established in 1990 - is an import, sales and service company serving the concrete and renovation construction industry in the Finnish market. Suppliers of Muottikolmio include brands such as Isodrän, Malthus, Dywidag, Vandex and Webac. Customers of Muottikolmio include Finnish construction companies, distributors and contractors. The company is located in Vantaa, Finland and employs 6 persons.


Pronius - founded in 2009 - is an importer of Fronius welding machines and equipment with a focus on welding automation and robotics. The company employs 5 people.


J-Matic - founded in 2005 - is an industrial manufacturing services company that is focused on box-build assemblies. The company delivers technically demanding turnkey solutions to its customers that have leading market positions within their own industries. Delivered turnkey solutions typically include mechanic-, electronic-, pneumatic- and automation applications. J-Matic has 20 employees with operations located in Lempäälä, Finland.


Filterit - founded in 2005 - is a technical distributor of process filtration products and systems. The Company is positioned within liquid and gas filtration and its customer base consists of a wide range of industrial companies as well as the public sector. Filterit has 8 employees with operations located in Helsinki, Finland.

HM Nordic

Since 2020, HM Nordic is the official distributor of Putzmeister and SANY brands in Estonia.

PM Nordic

PM Nordic is the Swedish distributor for the world-leading pump manufacturer Putzmeister's products and is a long-established company with many successful years in the industry. In the Swedish market, we are the market leader.


Founded in 1983, Tornokone is a leading distributor of concrete pumps in Finland. It also provides concrete pumps for rental purposes and maintenance services for the sold pumps. Company is located in Kerava, Finland.

Floby Nya Bilverkstad

Floby Nya Bilverkstad, founded in 1953, is one of Sweden's leading constructors of timber body superstructures The company's service portfolio includes the design of superstructures, manufacture of components, equipment, sales and aftermarket services. FNB’s key customers are Swedish timber truck operators. The company is located in Floby, Sweden.


Lackmästarn founded in 1982, is an established provider of professional paintwork and blasting treatment for large vehicles, comprising of mainly trucks and buses. The company has built a loyal customer base during its 40 years in the business, consisting of Swedish vehicle distributors, re-sellers, operators and insurance company damage repairs. The company is located in Håkantorp, Sweden.


Etelä-Suomen Kuriiripalvelu Oy (ESKP) is a transport company specializing in scheduled delivery and trunk transport in Finland and the Baltic countries established in 2010. The company’s operations are located in Vantaa, Suomi.

Vesterbacka Transport

Vesterbacka is a specialized transport service provider operating in Finland established in 2001. Vesterbacka’s operations are located in Tuusula, Finland.