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Boreo’s main objective is sustainable long-term profit generation.

Boreo owns and acquires great entrepreneurial companies with ability to generate sustainable long-term earnings growth and strong cash flows.

The profits generated by the portfolio of companies are re-invested back to operations or to acquisitions with attractive expected returns on capital.

The decentralized operating structure promoting culture of ownership and release of entrepreneurial energy is a core pillar of the firm’s management philosophy and Boreo strives to be a best-in class home for its people to Grow & Prosper.

"Better choices & incremental development"

We in Boreo, see sustainability as a solid part of our DNA. Sustainability is a pre-requisite for solid business performance.

We are open and transparent on what we do and inform our stakeholders regularly on our development regarding sustainability.

We put sustainability into effect by doing better, more responsible choices, by acting in an ethical way and by developing our sustainability continuously in co-operation with our stakeholders.

The better we perform on sustainability criteria, the more attractive partner we are for our stakeholders. Optimizing short-term wins at the cost of long-term sustainability is not an option for us.

We focus on initiatives that have the most impact. However, it is important to take sustainability into consideration even in smaller decisions and choose the more responsible option when it is possible.

Sustainability focus areas

Based on the materiality analysis, stakeholder survey and ESG interviews conducted during 2022 and 2023, we have defined the focus areas that are material in Boreo. Our focus areas are Strong financial performance, Engaged people, Healthy environment, and Sound business practices.

Strong financial performance add

Boreo aims at creating sustainable long-term profit by owning, acquiring and developing small and medium-sized companies. Our main focus is on profitability, cash flow conversion and return on capital employed.

When we take good care of companies’ strong financial performance, we ensure the ability to offer high-quality products and services for customers, ability to keep employing ja recruiting people and ability to invest in sustainability initiatives in the long-term.

Engaged people add

Boreo aims to be the best place for our people to Grow and Prosper. We develop and train our employees systematically to ensure the ability to perform strongly in the ever-changing environment. Boreo runs its own Boreo Academy through which it develops the leadership capabilities of the key employees and also grows new Managing Directors and talents for future.

Well-being and safety at workplace are among the top priorities of the Group. Employee experience is regularly measured in all companies and action plans implemented based on the results. Diversity, equity and inclusion are important themes for Boreo, and starting from year 2024 these will be among the top KPIs to be measured on the Group-level.

Sound business practices add

Boreo’s business conduct is based on integrity, trust and fair play. This is not only what our customers and business partners expect from us, but it is also how we create a good working environment for everyone at Boreo.

We pay special attention to fair competition, careful understanding of ethical and environmental aspects in the value chain, co-operating with partners and suppliers with high ethical standards and training our employees to act according to our Code of Conduct.

Healthy environment add

Understanding environmental risks and minimizing the environmental impact is vital for all companies operating under Boreo umbrella. Boreo’s subsidiaries develop the sustainability aspects together with the key partners and suppliers in order to ensure continuous improvement towards more sustainable business operations. Boreo companies typically have a positive environmental impact on their customer’s environmental footprint e.g. through the usage of environmentally friendly products offered by our subsidiaries, more efficient processes enabled by our expertise or prolonged usage possibilities of the products and machines. In addition, own operations of Boreo’s subsidiaries do not produce lots of emissions.

Boreo is committed to contribute to the Sustainable development goals in various aspects. In Boreo, sustainability is tightly linked to the business operations and all subsidiaries consider sustainability as a pre-requisite for conducting successful business in the long-term.

Sustainability work in Boreo

Our first sustainability report will be published with the Annual Report 2023. In our sustainability report, we will explain the Boreo’s approach on sustainability, present the sustainability governance model and introduce our focus areas, targets and KPIs. We will also submit data on the performance regarding sustainability and introduce real-life cases on how sustainability is linked in our companies’ daily work.

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