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Sustainability is an integral part of Boreo’s DNA and normal business practices. Boreo is on the journey of building a Group that is ‘built-to-last’ by nature and its primary objective is sustainable long-term profit generation. Respectively, sustainability is a prerequisite for solid long-term business performance.

Boreo is a home for companies with prospects to generate sustainable long-term profit growth and sets a high standard for the sustainability of its operations. The company targets its companies to demonstrate strong financial performance, take good care of their employees, contribute to mitigating climate impacts and ensure sound business practices – the four focus areas of Boreo with regards to sustainability.

Sustainability focus areas

Based on the materiality analysis, stakeholder survey and ESG interviews conducted during 2022 and 2023, we have defined the focus areas that are material in Boreo. Our focus areas are Strong financial performance, Engaged people, Healthy environment, and Sound business practices.

Our first sustainability report was published with the Annual Report 2023. In our sustainability report, we explain the Boreo’s approach on sustainability, present the sustainability governance model and introduce our focus areas, targets and KPIs. Read our sustainability report here.

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