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CEO and group management team

The CEO is responsible for managing Boreo’s operations in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act, and the instructions and orders issued by the Company’s Board of Directors. The group CEO is elected and can be fired by the Board of Directors. The CEO prepares the issues to be discussed by the Board and implements the Board’s decisions. The CEO is responsible for Group administration in accordance with the instructions of the Board of Directors and for company reporting and accounting to comply with the applicable legislation and the reliable arrangement of company finances.

Boreo Plc has a Management Team, the Chairman of which is the Group CEO. The Management Team is responsible for Group and business development, as well as operating activities in accordance with the objectives set by the Board of Directors and the CEO. The Management Team focuses on the Group's and businesses’ strategic issues, defines operating principles and procedures, and meets regularly to deal with issues and reports related to financial development, monitoring subsidiaries' business plans, administration, personnel and development projects. The Management Team convenes at least nine times per year.

Introductions of the Management Team members


Kari Nerg


Born: 1984
Education: Master’s in Agriculture and Forestry, CEFA
CEO since May 4, 2020

Primary work experience: Mutares SE & Co. KGaA director responsible for Nordic and UK operations (2017 to 2020), Häggblom & Partners Oy chief operating officer (2010 to 2017)

Primary positions of trust: Junnikkala Oy, member of the board since 2018

Aku Rumpunen


Born: 1974
Education: M.Sc. Econ., MA
Member of group executive management team since October 5, 2020

Primary work experience: CFO of Cramo Group (2016 to 2020) and member of the group’s executive committee (2012 to 2020), YIT Group: several Financial manager and Business control positions (2003 to 2012)

Mari Katara

SVP, People & Sustainability

Born: 1984
Education: M.Sc. econ.
Member of group executive management since October 26, 2020

Primary work experience: Boreo Plc, SVP, Group HR (2020-), Manager responsible for human resources activities and member of the group’s executive committee at
OP Financial Group's Pohjola Hospital and OP Life Insurance Company (2018 to 2020), human resources manager and member of the group’s executive committee at LänsiAuto Group (2013 to 2018)

Jesse Petäjä

SVP, M&A and Co-Head of Technical Trade

Born: 1991
Education: M.Sc. Econ.
Member of group executive management team since March 15, 2022

Primary work experience: Boreo Plc, Head of M&A (2021-), Manager at Mutares SE & Co. KGaA (2019-2020), CEO of Petäjä Group (2018-2019), Investment Banking Analyst at Citigroup (2017-2018)


Richard Karlsson

SVP, Co-Head of Technical Trade

Born: 1975
Education: Lieutenant
Member of group executive management team since January 5, 2021

Primary work experience: PM Nordic AB CEO (2008–), and sales manager (2001 to 2008), lieutenant at the Swedish Armed Forces (1996 to 2000), Elephant Group AB CEO (2007–)

Primary positions of trust: Certified instructor for Pump operators at Swedish Pump association (2016–), Member of the Putzmeister dealer board (2018–), Board member of PM Nordic AB (2008–2021), Board member of Elephant Group AB (2007–)


Tomi Sundberg

SVP, Head of Electronics

Born: 1983
Education: M.Sc. econ.
Member of group executive management since October 18, 2021

Primary work experience: CEO at Storent Oy (2018-2021), Director for New Business Development and Innovations for Cramo Group (2016-2018), Head of business support and development for Cramo AG (2013-2016), several other roles at Cramo Group around operational efficiency and business development.

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