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Our roots are in the North and our company name Boreo mirrors both our cultural heritage and the location of our operations. Boreo – the former Yleiselektroniikka - creates value by owning, acquiring and developing B2B businesses in Northern Europe with a long-term perspective. Our key objectives are to be a best-in-class home for our companies and people and to create optimal conditions for our businesses to prosper. Boreo generates growth of earnings and sales via acquisitions and by developing its companies with a standardized operational excellence strategy. Our people and culture are in the core of what we do. We strive to create and maintain a sustainable corporate culture. For our suppliers we are an enabler of growth in the markets. We improve competitiveness of our customers by providing value adding products and services. Boreo is the place to Grow and Prosper.​

Boreo targets to achieve its main strategic objective – shareholder value creation in the long-term - by way of deploying three strategies:​ ‘Acquisition strategy’, ‘Operational Excellence strategy’ and ‘People & Culture strategy’.

Boreo's value creation approach in a nutshell

Strategy areas


‘Acquisition strategy’ with a goal to create majority of the targeted sales and earnings growth, to diversify the Group through platform transactions to new industrial areas and geographies and to complement the existing Business Areas with add-on acquisitions.

Operational Excellence

‘Operational Excellence strategy’ with a goal to create organic growth and improve earnings by deploying group-wide adopted performance management processes and methodologies to develop operations.

People & Culture

‘People & Culture strategy’ with a goal to create common culture and make Boreo the best home for our personnel and companies to prosper.

Type of acquisitions we do

Operational Excellence add

The ultimate target for driving operational excellence in Boreo is to optimize performance and value add to our shareholders.

Objective to enhance efficiency and improve earnings in all key operations throughout the group:

  • Working capital management

  • Sales management

  • Purchasing

  • Boreo platform functions

Enablers to excel in operational excellence:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset whatever we do

  • Benchmarking and sharing best practices throughout the group and different functions

  • Continuous learning and development

Applying operational excellence in daily work means:

  • Agreeing and setting strategic objectives

  • Deciding on key value drivers

  • Following up and measuring of key performance indicators

  • Making corrective actions as needed

People & Culture add

People & Culture is one of Boreo’s strategies. No goal will be achieved, if we do not have talented people working with us and if they are not willing to do their best. By deploying a systematic People & Culture strategy, we ensure success of our businesses, outcompete competition and help our people to cope with changes in their daily life.

Main objective

The objective of our People & Culture strategy is to make Boreo the best home for our personnel to Grow and Prosper. We believe that when our people are happy and succeed in their work, our business targets will be achieved too.

Focus areas

In order to reach the objectives of our People & Culture strategy, we have defined five focus areas which are in the core of what we do. These are the areas in which we want to excel and which we prioritize.

Boreo value proposition

For an employee, Boreo as a group can offer diverse possibilities for learning and career development. We assure that everyone joining Boreo will be warmly welcomed and straight away feel the casual and family-like culture and atmosphere we have in our organization.

We conduct annual personnel surveys and systematic eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) surveys which help us to understand the state of our employee experience. On the basis of these surveys, we are able to develop our practices and culture to meet better the needs of our personnel.

By defining the Boreo value proposition, we aim at crystallizing what we can offer for our personnel and for possible new candidates and why they should join the Boreo family.

Financial targets 2021-2023 add

Strategic objectives of Boreo for the strategy period 2021-2023 are presented below. In accordance with the company’s guidance approach, the strategic financial objectives serve as the company’s guidance and Boreo does not provide a separate short-term outlook.

  • Minimum average sales growth during the strategy period 20% ​

  • Minimum operative EBIT at the end of the strategy period 8%​

  • Net debt/operative EBITDA 2-3x​

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