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Head of Sales Support, Yleiselektroniikka, Finland

“I became part of Boreo Group as a result of an acquisition in 2009. So, I have worked at Yleiselektroniikka that is part of Boreo Group for a long time. The reason I enjoy working here is that from the start I have had a wide job description and my colleagues a great. We have a good atmosphere and we always have fun at joint events and happenings. I have also succeeded in my career and I think it’s great that the working community recognizes good performances.

I especially enjoy that I get to work independently - no one is breathing down my neck and I get to make independent decisions in my work. I have learned a lot during my career. The finest hour of my career was when I was promoted after returning from family leave and I became the head of the sales support team. It felt really good, especially when I heard that my colleagues had contributed to the decision.

I am positive about the future, as I have strong faith in the company moving in the right direction. It creates a sense of security when you know that we are doing the right things.”